Welcome to The Creative Sober

A Community for Artists on the Sobriety Spectrum

We are not only a community that supports sober artists, we help each other thrive and discover confidence in our art.

Our virtual space brings together sober and sober-curious creatives to dive deeper into topics on sobriety and creativity, virtual meetings, share work, and network with other artists so that we can thrive as alcohol-free artists confidently.

Why an online community?

Like most of us, social media is engaging as some of us meet there, but it can also dilute valuable conversations and topics (social media calls snackable content) that get lost in the scroll. Our online space is here to help with that!

TCS Community is the right space for you if:
  • You want a place to go online dedicated to creativity, sobriety, and spirituality.
  • You seek deeper conversations about mental health, wellness, and spirituality with other creatives.
  • You want to make authentic connections and directly network with other creatives on the sobriety spectrum.
  • You want to participate in virtual meetings and workshops dedicated to sober or sober-curious creatives.

Community pushes us to be our best when we can learn from each other and feel supported in a safe space to be ourselves.

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What our members are saying:

"Being able to share my triumphs and challenges with community members without judgment has been very refreshing. The creative members inspire me with their courage and resilience." Podcast Host | Producer

"One of the biggest hurdles I struggled with in early sobriety was finding community. Finding The Creative Sober and the community gave me a sense of belonging because it was so authentic!" DJ | Producer

"The Creative Sober is a trusting community that made me realize I am not alone in discovering my true creative self. I am constantly inspired by the diversity of artists and art mediums I've become part of." Artist | Yoga Teacher

"There are no sober requirements to join, just acceptance for where everyone is on their journeys." Artist | Creative Health Coach

"Being a DJ, I am constantly around alcohol and drugs and often feel isolated. Having a platform to share my experiences with like-minded peeps is comforting." DJ | Radio Host

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